The Best Type of Housing in the Philippines

Two of the most popular types of housings in the Philippines today are condominiums and houses. Condominiums gained a lot of popularity because of its many benefits that conform in todays modern trends, while houses are still known for its rare benefits which made it popular in the Philippine market. However, which of these types of housing can offer the best home for your needs?

Accessibility to Workplaces

In terms of accessibility to workplaces, condominiums can offer the best location in…

Shaw Capital Management Factoring: Shaw Capital Management and Financing Carve

Factoring your accounts receivables might be a good way for your company to free up some time and smooth out cash flows. But just a warning, depending on the factoring agreement, the factor may collect your receivables for you. Read the latest articles from Shaw Capital to avoid scam, fraud and other online transactions. This is a good warning to avoid fraudulent transactions online.

Small business owners never have enough time. There are bills to be made, products to be…